Tuesday, 13th of Septembre

Presentations and profile pictures! 


Do not miss the two presentations of the day:

We will also take advantage of this day (and of Thursday) to take photos of the team, and individual photos ("OJC profile photos"). Come in business attire!

We will start the photo sessions at 9am, in an that will be communicated and posted on site.

For all the people who will not be there on Tuesday, don't worry, there is a second session on Thursday!


Let's share a breath of fresh air and a lunch break at the tip of the Bill, in Séné! Meet at 12:15 pm at the OJC car park.

To make the journey easier, please take your colleagues from Vannes with you. We can also take 18 people in the vans and go back and forth if necessary.

Once there, we will distribute your picnics. We will stay on site until 1:45 pm. Please remember to keep your rubbish as there are no bins on the beach.

Evening: at the "1930" in Conleau

On Tuesday evening we invite you to the "1930" in Conleau. Departure from the hotel at 6:30 pm. We will make return trips if necessary. Aperitif at 7pm, end of meal at 11pm. Shuttles will be available at 11pm to go back to the hotel.
For those who want to stay later, you will be responsible for any taxi fares and additional drinks.

We will come back to you a few days before to know your choice of menu, you can read it here.