Thursday, 15th of Septembre

Presentations, pizzas and a few more pictures! 


Don't miss the two presentations of the day:

  • 10:00am - 11:30am: The role and added value of OJC in the world of Purchasing and Supply chain.
  • 2:30pm - 4:30pm: The less known services and products of OJC: change management, communication, and OJC Software!

We will also take advantage of this day (and Thursday) to take team photos, and individual photos ("OJC profile photos"). Come in business attire!

We will start the photo sessions at 9am, in an order of appearance that will be communicated and posted on site.

Noon: Pizza !

For lunch we will provide pizzas for everyone. There will be a 3 cheese pizza, Daniel, Vegan pizza, margherita, Coet Navalen, Chaucharde and Guiguitte Boeuf.

You can find the composition of the different pizzas here.


Before you leave your office, please make sure your desk is clean and your belongings are put away. Friday starts at 9am and we want the premises to be clean.

We will leave you free for Thursday evening.

Directors will have dinner with the clients who will have already arrived on Thursday. We will keep you informed a few days before.