Friday, 16th of Septembre

The "public" day, and official inauguration! 


It's the big day, business attire required!

In the kitchen of building 1, a welcome breakfast will be set up at 9:30 am. It is primarily intended for our guests, but you are of course welcome, we are counting on you to welcome them and get to know them!

At 10am, we will meet in the large open space of the new building for the inauguration with the cutting of the ribbon in the presence of local institutions (Vannes, Vannes Agglomération), followed by Olivier's welcome speech.

The morning will continue with presentations by OJC and its clients.

Noon : Buffet lunch

A buffet / cocktail lunch will be served from 12:15 pm in the reception tent outside. Again, help us welcome our guests, talk to them about OJC or anything else... this day is dedicated to them!

The cocktail party ends at 1:30 pm and you can join the open space of the new building to listen to new presentations client testimonials.

Afternoon and evening

Presentations resume at 1:30 pm.

Closing remarks at 4pm, followed by a snack and a cocktail until 11pm!